Setting It Free

Someone somewhere once advised us that if we love something, we should set it free.  Then there was something else about if it comes back, it’s yours—if not, it never was.   With what I have in mind, those conditions are meaningless.  As I most recently remarked in Potlatch, I’m setting my writings and artworks free to fly like birds whither they will across the ether of the Internet.  I certainly love them, they’re mine to do with what I will, and there’s not much way they’ll be coming back.

It was a great pleasure that in a mere day and a half I managed to convert all the items in the Public Library to pdf files and link them for free downloads.  Besides the two short stories, the plays and poetry are also linked.  Enjoy.

And there’s more, a true windfall.  Happily, when I looked in the right place, I found the original pdfs for two of my nonfiction books.  The first is the really old one on the Aztec calendar, CELEBRATE NATIVE AMERICA.  Using it and a wonderful site called, you can learn your ceremonial Aztec name and compute your own personal Aztec horoscope.

Also I found the old file for my language book GETTING GET, which is super news for all you ESL people out there.  For learners (or teachers) of English as a second or foreign language, this book is the key to the unconscious, secret code of American English speakers, a grammar never taught in schools or defined in dictionaries.  Now it’s yours for free.  Get it on!

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find the files on my two other books, the nonfiction REMEMBER NATIVE AMERICA  on Indian mounds or the novel DIVINE DEBAUCH.  Lord knows where they went.  Probably on floppies and therefore lost to posterity.  Oh, well.  I can probably scan the mound book to post it for you, but the novel is something I’d totally want to rewrite before setting it free.  And I’m not sure that’s something I can afford to spend my time on at this point.  Meanwhile, it’s what it is, a work of my youth.

And know what?  I’d truly love it if someone wanted to take some of this stuff and run with it.  Have fun!  The more the merrier.  I’d particularly love to hear about someone wanting to do one of my plays.  Or dare I dream, a movie?  Of course, I dare dream.  Just wait till you get a load of my upcoming novella BAT IN A WHIRLWIND when I start posting its chapters soon.

Meanwhile, this is as good a place as any to mention a reasonable concern I’ve got about setting my works free out into the wide world of the web.  Is mine just another voice crying in the wilderness?  Or in a less scriptural way, is there anyone out there?  Anybody home?  In the year and some that this website has been up, I’ve gotten no real comments from anyone.

I see that usually there’s a valiant few who visit various Aztec deity illustrations, and some occasionally check another page or blog posting.  I’d love it if someone would start a conversation with me about this esoteric stuff, but I don’t know how the site’s comment thingie works.  So I’ve cryptically (to avoid spam contacts) given my email address in several places with my signature (for anyone who can read cursive anymore), like at the bottom of the home page (click on banner) or here below.




In case you guys wonder why I let several months go by after my first posting, it was because I was working on both the next instalment of memoir and on drawing.  I decided that my Aztec deity images  and book on the ceremonial calendar  weren’t of much use to anyone in those formats.  People should have some way to get involved in the images and learn about the Aztec gods and goddesses, I figured, and what better way than to work with them the way I did (with such fun) coloring them for the book.

So I’m doing a coloring book.  It’s a rather intensive project to rework the images into full-scale icons in the barbaric splendor of the historical codices.  (In a weird way, I feel like a “santero,” the traditional New Mexico painter of saints.)  I’m calling it rather appropriately YE GODS!  THE AZTEC ICONS and also planning an illustrated encyclopedia of the Aztec deities to be called YE GODS!  THE AZTEC PANTHEON.

Shooting for a total of 26, I have most of the basic images, but turning them into the icons is taking a while.  The project could easily take another year—or more.  And it gives me something to do in my dotage.  Presently I’m in the middle of the third in alphabetical order, so at least I can give you the first as an example:  ATL, the deified element of Water.

ATL, Aztec God of Water

ATL, Aztec God of Water

Click here to download the icon with a caption page and model images from the Aztec Codices.

It is also available in freely sizable vector drawings on the coloring book page.