By Richard Balthazar


Like everyone else, I run around snapping photos of all sorts of things, but my predilection is for landscapes.  For me they’re the ultimate beauty of the world.  And like everyone else, I’ve taken way too many shots of the Grand Canyon, some perfectly sublime.  Don’t make me choose among them for display.  Instead, I’ll show off some of my successes (in my biased opinion) in capturing moments of space or places in time.  At least they’re my favorites.  I hope to add more if my camera is at hand when they transpire.  Meanwhile, you can always right click on any photo and select “Save as” for your copy.

Gallery of Photo Art


In my travels in earlier years to research Indian Mounds for my first book, I used a great Nikon SLR with a zoom and got a lot of really hot shots of earthworks all over the place (unfortunately mostly in slides).  On my second mound tour in the fall of 2013, my tiny little Canon digital did at least as good a job.  The photographic records of both mound explorations are included in this gallery, and again the photos can be downloaded as you will.

I’ve catalogued the photos of Indian Mounds by site name and location.  While date and culture name would be nice, they’re beyond the scope of this collection and my energies.  To make this into an authoritative archive of Indian Mounds, I’d love it if others would submit their mound photos with site name and location to be considered for the gallery.  Just email me (rbalthazar at your photos.  (Of course, I’d credit you on any photos selected for inclusion.)

Gallery of Indian Mounds

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