Aztec Icon #5 – EHECATL, God of Wind

Hold on to your hats! Here comes a wild wind. Actually the fifth icon for the coloring book YE GODS! THE AZTEC ICONS is the Aztec God of Wind, Ehecatl. My apologies that he’s going to be crazy to color, but I didn’t exactly make him up. The deity’s image is quite authentic, based on one with very similar detail from Codex Borgia.

Don’t worry, you can still see or download the previous four icons by clicking on them in the list on the coloring book page.


(God of the Wind)

To download this icon as a pdf file with a page of caption and model images from the Aztec Codices, right click here and select “Save Target (or Link) As.”  You can also download it in freely sizable vector drawings from the coloring book page.

ehecatl icon

EHECATL {e-he-katł} is the deified element of air and the breath of life. He’s a nagual of QUETZALCOATL, whom he helped create the current Fifth Sun by breathing life back into the bones in Mictlan. He is the god of secrets and mystery, intelligence, and spiritual life. Only smoke, feathers, and birds should be sacrificed to him. His temples were round, sometimes with protruding masks for the wind to blow through. His breath moves the sun and drives the high clouds and rain across the sky. Ehecatl is the 2nd day of the month, and Nahui Ehecatl (Four Wind) was the day-name for the Second Sun, a world ruled by QUETZALCOATL. When that Sun was destroyed by the eponymous wind (hurricane), its people were turned into monkeys.