Offensive Defense

(I am blown away by finding out that I got faulty news (from the radio):  They said McCrory had vetoed the NC hate bill–and now I find out that he did not.  He simply spun the story it seems to go along with the idiots.  So I am deleting all the good words I had for that bigot a week ago.  My points remain, and now in spades.)

Realizing that folks only listen to flattery and fantasy concerning and confirming themselves, I only rarely spout off about my perceptions of the inanities and insanities of modern life. But on occasion, I hear someone say something so surreally irrational that I can’t let it pass without comment, though my little squeaks will probably fall on deaf ears.

Regarding the bald-faced act by the North Carolina legislature to subvert the law of the land (and Governor Pat McCrory’s craven approval), a week ago a radio news announcer apparently quoted one of the benighted legislators as saying that they were just trying to find “a way to protect faith-based communities from gay marriage.”  Say what?  Why?  Actually, a number of whys:

1) Why should a legislature look for a way to do anything to the sole benefit of a specific group?  Especially a religious group which is by definition legally irrelevant.  Even more especially when that benefit is to the patent detriment of another constituency, and triply especially when that benefit would be a gross exemption from the law.

2) Why do they plead freedom of religion as their constitutional motivation when others have the same freedom?  That freedom doesn’t allow you to compel anyone else to conform to your personal beliefs—or you to theirs—or to punish each other for not doing so.

3) Why should a faith-based community feel it needs protection from another belief system?  The threat of temptation?  Any faith has to deal with that fact of life.  If it can’t resist temptation, the faith has no strength beyond dogma.  Or is the community’s faith so weak that it requires mass confirmation?  No dissent, no differing opinions.  Welcome back to the Inquisition.  Hello, ISIS.

4) Why should another belief system be seen as an affront to or offense against one’s own religion?  And so what if it is?  You’re perfectly free to be offended by whatever you want.  Deal with it.  Sulk and pout.  But you’re not free to intentionally offend or injure anyone else in supposed defense (or support) of your personal scruples.  Or to be exempt from the law.

Just look at Mississippi  too!  So now garbage men can refuse to pick up the trash from someone they don’t approve of on religious grounds?   A doctor can refuse to treat?  Restaurant refuse to serve?  This is hateful idiocracy!

I’m proud of our Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales for speaking out against the idiots.


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