In this next chapter of the backwoods novella BAT IN A WHIRLWIND, Ben suffers through an emotionally trying Sunday alone on Piney Hill and is rewarded with a visit from his buddy.

To read BAT IN A WHIRLWIND, Chapter 5.  INDIAN WELL, right click here and select “Open,” or to download as a free pdf file to read at your leisure whenever, select “Save Target (or Link) As.”


Excerpt from Chapter 5. – Indian Well

            I’d only managed to fill out the boring home address stuff when there was a knock at my screen door. Danny peered in through the screen at me. I jumped up from my desk in the thrill of seeing him. I’d thought about him all yesterday at work. My buddy drove all the way up to Piney Hill to get his new puppy, and he was also excited and happy. The blue and red striped polo shirt made his chest look very broad.

In the backyard we found the three puppies left playing while Duchess lay on the grass by the garage paying them no mind. Danny cuddled his, the one with the dark spots. When I asked if he wanted to take a walk in my woods, he sang suggestively, “In the pines, in the pines, where the sun never shines…” Talking about grandparents and things, we ambled down to the pond. The pups ran along with Lobo, but Duchess took a rain check on the hike.

When we came out on the high bank over the pond, there were those big golden flowers of fish blooming here and there on its greenish surface. Danny whistled in amazement. Then I took a chance on sounding crazy and told him that last week I caught the King of Fishes and described its golden feather-fins. I also told him about the three wishes I’d gotten to let it go.

“Make a wish right now,” he commanded. “I want to see it happen.”

Instead, since he was my very best pal, I offered him one of my wishes. I made him toss a pebble into the pond to call the King of Fishes, and of course all the flowers disappeared. Then I made him close his eyes and make a wish. He stood that way for only a brief moment and opened his eyes, giving me a naughty look, but wouldn’t say what he wished. I sure hoped it would come true, and then I’d use my remaining two.

On the path back up the hill we came upon a king snake a couple feet long, all beautiful green, black, and yellow. I caught it and showed Danny how there were no fangs when it bit. It just felt like sandpaper. Seeing as how I’d likely run up on it again, I let it go this time.

Right below the pasture we got to my great white oak. The Sunday afternoon sun was bright in its new greenery, timeless, the fragrance of spring, somehow eternal. How perfect this first time to be out in the woods with my Danny, buddies completely alone with each other. I wanted to tell him everything, show him all my treasures, take him to my secret places, and let him see what life was like for me here on Piney Hill.

Noticing the shallow Indian well full of leaves, Danny said it sure looked like a great place for a nap.   So I pushed him in, and he pulled me tumbling after. Wrestling around, I took to tickling Danny in the ribs, and he struggled, laughing and begging me to quit. Tears glistened in his brown eyes. When I stopped, he instantly jumped me and pinned me flat on my back, knees on my elbows so I couldn’t tickle anymore.

Danny leaned over me, grinning mischievously, and stroked my furry cheek. “I love your fuzz,” he said, laughed, and asked, “Wanna know what I wished?” I nodded. “Here, I’ll show you,” he said with a sly smile and popped open the buttons on his fly. His pecker stood right up in the air, maybe six inches from my nose, a lot bigger than mine. He moaned and said, “My balls are about to explode!”

All my blessed bliss of the day was blown away by his cock sticking out of his pants like a dark-headed snake. How could temptation ambush me so soon after being made pure again? Why did the devil use my beloved friend to lure me into sin? When Danny started touching himself impurely, I struggled out from under him, protesting that what he was doing was a sin.

“Maybe for you, Benny babe,” he said, rolling over in the leaves, and kept on moving his hand. “But I think it’s like a little bit of heaven.”

“Well, I’m not going to watch,” I protested in a fit of virtue and walked over to stare at the trunk of the white oak. Hearing Danny’s sweet groans, I had to struggle not to get hard myself. Listening to a bird singing somewhere didn’t help. Then a deep grunt.

When Danny climbed out of the leaf-well, he was handsomer than ever, his eyes brown and shining. How could I love him so much in spite of his sinful ways? I rumpled his soft hair to show I loved him anyway. Crossing the pasture with the puppies scampering around under foot, Danny decided to name his Nina.

Unfortunately he had to get home for supper. We put Nina in a cardboard box on the front seat of his car, and I kissed her goodbye. Danny looked at us with such a cute smile that I almost wanted to kiss him goodbye too. I told him to be nice to her, and he tweaked my chin hairs, winked, and said, “Don’t let your meat loaf.” Then he drove away down the hill.

I wandered listlessly around under the tall pines, humming, “In the pines, in the pines…” and thinking with horror and fascination about what Danny had done in the Indian well, horror that he did such things, and fascination at seeing his prick. But Danny was a poor, misguided Protestant, and I felt suddenly proud showing my buddy an example of the One Holy Faith.


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