POTLATCH – Free Literature and Art

All I’ve ever wanted to do was to write and create art.  In my earlier life I had to hope that my writing might earn a little something toward my old age, but I could see no way for that to happen except by getting stuff published, which everyone knows isn’t the easiest thing in the world.  The bitter pill is that publishers, either conventional or online services, always earn the lion’s share of any income, and then some.  Of course, that’s why they do it.  That’s the matrix.

Unexpectedly I was recently blessed by my late mother with a degree of economic freedom, enough to do what I want without being concerned about income.  It has now given me a new perspective on the writer/reader relationship.  If I don’t need to be paid for my writings, why does anybody have to pay to read them?  If I don’t need to be paid for my art, why must anyone pay to see or to have it?   I suddenly feel a real kinship with those musical artists who are giving their music/songs away online.  Music for the people.  Open-access literature and art.

With this website, it turns out that I’ve already got a great way to give away my work.  So there it is.  I’ve decided to offer my writing and art free for the taking, right here via my digital avatar.  Think of it as a potlatch, a giant giveaway.  You also might say I want to pay my good fortune forward.

I started this website with that unconscious inspiration, posting my short prose, poetry, and plays in the Public Library.  Feel free to read or download any of it.  To help, I’ve now learned how to let you download those texts as pdf files for printing or reading at your leisure.  So far I’ve managed to set up the download links on the two short stories, TRAVELING MEN and HOMAGE.  I expect it to take a while and for there to be bugs as I work through the set-ups on the plays and poetry, so please bear with me.

The first new giveaway will be the serialized chapters of my novella BAT IN A WHIRLWIND, and on completion, I hope to have it available as a free e-book.  Let me get the conversions and download links for the Public Library done and try some menu rearrangement, and then I’ll start rolling out these serial chapters.

I’ll also post the individual pages as completed of YE GODS!  An Outrageous Coloring Book.  The 26 hallucinatory icons of Aztec deities will take a year or two to finish. (As of May, 2020 in seven years I’ve managed to complete 19 icons only!) At the moment, four are about ready to post, and I’m closing in on the fifth.  It would be good to post one a month, but that’s no promise.

So my work is cut out for me.  Fortunately there are no deadlines but the real one.  Until then, I’ll just do what I can.


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