God help the galaxy!

Folks keep wondering why some of us are gay.  In the debate about nature or nurture, I’ll argue emphatically for nature.  Supposedly avoiding this issue, some say that being gay is a choice.  But of course.  So is being straight.  If you’re at all self-aware, at one time or another you’ve simply got to choose whether you like/love girls or boys.  Is the reason for your choice nature or nurture?  Who can say?  And to be frank, wtf difference does it make?

Granted, most people in the world aren’t gay, but I wonder how many just haven’t made a conscious choice and go through life wondering what in the heck their problem is, why their psychological panties are all in a bunch.  Those who choose but try to hide their choice simply give themselves major wedgies.  Being devoutly out, I prefer to go commando.

Again I will propose that Mother Nature is to blame, or better, thank, for making folks gay.  Maybe somewhere in the Byzantine beauty of DNA there’s a gene or switchie-thingie that toggles.  What do I know?  However, based on personal experience, I’m pretty sure that the gay trait, or at least its predisposition, is hereditary.

You may question the evolutionary advantage of a gay ‘gene’ as it essentially removes a good part of the population and/or sexual activity from the breeding pool.  While that’s not such a bad idea for several qualitative reasons, quite possibly the gay toggle is Mother Nature’s humane attempt to put a brake on our species’ explosive reproduction rate.  Save the world.  Go Gay!

Now there is indeed a recognized evolutionary benefit to homosexuality in that reducing breeding activity enables specialization of labor, the necessary element in the development of human civilization.  Non-parents can logically provide more support for the next generation and have time to engage in other productive activities.  Like having fun.

Thinking some more about Mother Nature’s other brakes on our explosive population, (which I consider the root cause of all human problems), let’s consider the absolutely primal instinct She has instilled in humanity to kill each other off.  But anymore, now that our wishy-washy wars don’t wipe out the hundreds of thousands or millions they used to, She’s got to use the emergency brakes of famine and natural catastrophe to hit the really huge numbers needed to slow our unsustainable population growth.  It may take another big honking asteroid.

Maybe, like in Douglas Adams’ “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” the ultimate solution actually would be to ship all the middle-management and advertising people off to other planets. Apparently there are plenty of exo-planets out there to take them.  But you know, that may not be such a good idea after all.  I’m afraid we homo sapiens are an awful lot like vermin.  Maybe we should be called homo prolificus?  We’ve already infested this planet.  After all, we’re in the Anthropocene Era.  And if we ever manage to break out of this solar system, God help the galaxy.

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